We are here for the revolution. We are here to amplify the movement. Every revolution and every movement is dependent on the works and curious minds of creatives, innovators, artists, and boundary pushers; their pain, their cries, their anger and ultimately, their commitment to their hope and joy for a better tomorrow.

We are here to celebrate the empathetic beauty of storytellers, those who have chosen to tell their own stories as well as interpret the narratives of those who have been silenced. We are here to encourage creation and to hold space for the brilliant minds who have inspired us to move forward even when some of us have grown weary.

These are the minds that have shaped our context and understanding of our past and our present, and will shape our future. I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG is a platform to hold our collective love and protection for the Earth and her children. I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG is only some of the beautiful faces and brains of the revolution.

But we promise you, the movement is you and everyone. We are here for the revolution.

Launching on June 22nd

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